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New video up.

6/16/13 by PiperAnn
Updated 6/22/13

New video up.


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I kinda wanted to, but got discouraged.
Howd you get into it?



I tried it, but i couldnt do it.
My voice embarrasses me :x

6/28/13 (Updated 6/28/13) PiperAnn responds:

Aww. Well I don't like my voice either, at least when it's attached to myself. I like my voice on other characters. Never thought my voice fitted me. Is voice acting something you want to do?



yeah she looks pretty cute, so how long have you been voice acting

6/27/13 PiperAnn responds:

Well only a few months now have I been actively trying to team up with other people and do work for them. But it all started when I discovered my tape player was picking up my voice. I'm actually going to be making a video about that soon. :)



What is your icon

6/27/13 (Updated 6/27/13) PiperAnn responds:

Oh. ^.^ That's Meko. Created by TechLeSSWaYz. I'm her voice, yet that animation hasn't been released yet. She's cute, witty and a lot of fun.



Oh, hello.

6/23/13 PiperAnn responds:

Oh, hello you.



Saw this on YouTube, but I'll comment anyway. Keep doing what you're doing Piper. :)

6/18/13 PiperAnn responds:

Thanks a bunch, man!



Yup. As long as you're still walking and talking, you got nothing to worry about.
Just thinking back to my first year of Drama class in my last year of HS, I used to write lines over and under the words of dialog I'd have to act.... it was like shorthand. It'd remind me how to intonate the words, like on a graph. I'd add dots to show how much melodrama was needed at certain points too.



Good artists borrow, great artists steal... it's good advice when starting out.
Being photogenic doesn't hurt either :)

6/16/13 PiperAnn responds:

Good artists borrow, great artists steal.

Hehe, yep. I may be walking in the shadow of a few Newgrounds voice over veterans, but at least I'm walking. xD